Our Vision

As a young professional woman in my 20’s and early 30’s (in both the U.S. and Switzerland), I lived everyday the challenge of trying to make ends meet while conforming to both the necessity of professional attire and my personal desire to look young, feel young, and look and feel great. I know firsthand this dilemma affected, and affects still, countless other young women. Now, many years and wardrobes later, I venture out to solve this problem and with all hope, to positively impact the lives of my peers. This is my true purpose and passion and with HMÉTÉ I am committed to breaking this barrier and truly providing a fresh, high-quality and affordable take on workwear for young women, or as we like to say, young women of all ages!

We are The New Dress Code!

Silk Rouge Dress by HMÉTÉ

Our Purpose

We don't take no for an answer. As such, combining high-quality, impeccable design and affordability did not seem impossible for us. We did not rest until we made that happen. We do not settle for low-quality fabrics. We design, make, test, remake, test again, and then bring the product directly to you - the female end user whose multi-pronged problem has become our life purpose to solve. 

We do not settle for outdated designs. Being professional does not mean you cannot look both great and young. We combine professional designs with young, playful details to make each piece just right for any occasion from desk to dusk.
We do not settle for unrealistic prices. We do not overcharge for our products to pad our margins at the expense of young women. We offer - no, demand - a fair price. Emerging from the accounting and finance world, we known the markups that are added to price only serve to attract customers later with so-called discounts and sales. We offer fair and affordable prices from beginning to end. We are not being disingenuous when we say we endlessly strive to make our products represent some of the best values in all of women's apparel across the globe.  

Ethical & Sustainable

Offering high-quality apparel at affordable prices shouldn’t come with the price of making our manufacturers and the environment pay for it. Therefore, we insist on partnering with only companies that offer sustainable salaries to their employees and source from sustainable companies. We consider this an integral piece of our vision and take a firm stand against cutting corners. We have created and intend to maintain long-lasting relationships with our strategic and financial partners.  .

The Future

We're just getting started! Growth in this age should only be sustainable growth, and we have a substantial pipeline waiting to fill this category across multiple apparel categories in the space. Needless to say, we're excited to roll these innovative products out but good things take time. Stay tuned!